Black women's health intersects with a fab lifestyle.

Two Black female doctor-girlfriends giving you the real tea on how to live healthy.

Circa 2013

The MD Girlfriends Experience is a podcast of two doctor-girlfriends, Dr. Joy Cooper & Dr. Tia Jackson-Bey, who want to share their wealth of knowledge in women's health with the world.

At the MD Girlfriends Experience, we don't have patients; we have girlfriends. That is how dearly we think of those we care for and how we address them here. Listen if you want the tea on all things healthy and fabulous as it relates especially to Black women.

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About the Hosts

Joy Cooper, MD MSc


The Olivia Pope of Ob-Gyn and Co-Founder/CEO of Culture Care are her claims to fame. Dr. Joy, as she is known, is Board-Certified and serves the Bay Area. She is a Philly around the way girl and definitely owns at least two pairs of bamboo earrings.

Tia Jackson-Bey, MD MPH


She is your favorite doctor's favorite doctor. Dr. Tia is a Board-Certified Ob-Gyn and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Specialist who brings her bubbly personality to the field and her in-depth knowledge to the mic. She hails from Queens and is always there for her girlfriends through thick and thin.

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